Recruitment and Training

In today's world of Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence, the biggest challenge that companies are facing is finding the right talent for them. There are multiple reasons for this - limited genuine resources and more fake resources, not having right analytics resources to recruit people, old methodologies to judge data science people are few of them.

We at Amlgo with proven experience in Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning areas not only help our clients solve their business problems but also help them with recruitment of talented people as per their needs. We have defined processes and proper interview panel to find the appropriate candidate for the needs. This helps our clients in following ways -

  • Reduction in recruitment time of talented resources
  • Complete first level screening by Amlgo panel
  • A very high conversion rate in selected people
  • Only quality people not quantity to choose from
  • Arranging the new skills training for our clients