Amlgo Labs Achievements

Achievement 2020: Top 10 Emerging Analytics Start-Up

The startup is founded by Ajay Yadav, who has over 12 years of experience in development of data and analytics, ML and RegTech solutions for global firms.It believes that data analytics and AI can solve problems across all industries. With this vision, it has been working to improve businesses by providing insights to make smart data-driven decisions. The startup builds innovative concepts and solutions to give an extra edge to businesses, and helps execute effective decision strategies. What is more, it is not limited to a certain industry or technology. Instead, its analytics services cover all kinds of analytical solutions, and almost all latest data tools and technologies.The main differentiating factor is their vision – “while others plan to win the race, this is an infinite game for us.” They are results-driven and their key pillars are anchored around quality, security, and speed.

Achievement 2019: Top 10 Data Analytics and Reg-Tech Solutions Start-Up

The unprecedented growth in the data generation has led businesses to make use of data analytics strategies to get business insights from the enterprise data by deploying big data technologies or by outsourcing the data analysis to a third party firm. However, the most critical part of the data analysis is to identify and understand the complex unstructured data residing in the database, which is then followed by organizing of the identified data so as to derive data driven insights. Unfortunately, most of peers in the market who promise to deliver feasible solutions fall flat in practice while ensuring the quality particularly in the banking & finance and pharmaceutical domains owing to regulatory compliances and lack of responsiveness to the external market and environment. This is where Amlgo Labs, an advanced analytics and machine learning consulting company positioned itself in the industry by delivering end-to-end solutions to help businesses derive business insights from the sea of data for informed decision making.