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Maruti Suzuki acquires over 6% stake in Amlgo Labs

Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki India has invested in Amlgo Labs, an Indian startup focused on data analytics, cloud engineering, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). The investment secures Maruti Suzuki a 6.44% equity stake and is the company’s second play in startup investments.

“Our investment in Amlgo Labs will help us to further strengthen the quality of new models, using advanced analytics and machine learning,” says Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki India.

Leveraging its expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence alongside mentorship from Maruti Suzuki, Amlgo Labs anticipates refining its offerings further.

Ajay Yadav, Founder of Amlgo Labs, says, “Our collaboration with Maruti Suzuki has proven to be fruitful, helping our company augment and scale up operations.”


Amlgo Labs team participated in Maruti Suzuki’s MAIL program in cohort 5 and it has been a super proud moment for all the people at Amlgo Labs that we were among the winners of the program. The team dedicatedly worked with the quality division of Maruti Suzuki and delivered a solution to their biggest data problem by using some of the cutting-edge technologies in the field of machine learning and AI. It was first of this kind of solution developed in the quality division of MSIL where we extensively used data technologies like cloud, NLP, machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling and dashboards and it gave an idea to the leadership team on how can the use of AI and Machine Learning could be beneficial to the entire quality division. Now Amlgo team aims to work closely to develop the whole data solution to predict and analyze the real time quality data of MSIL from different dimensions. It is a milestone in Amlgo Labs success journey. Amlgo Labs team is always thankful to the MSIL team for this opportunity that opened a door to prove our out of box thinking and tested our vision to collaborate with enterprises to solve their complex problems by data driven solutions. Maruti Suzuki MAIL is a unique innovation program, initiated by India’s largest Automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, this program focuses on the growth trajectory of tech startups with digital innovations, by extending a common platform to evaluate their potential in the startup ecosystem.


The startup is founded by Ajay Yadav, who has over 12 years of experience in development of data and analytics, ML and RegTech solutions for global firms. It believes that data analytics and AI can solve problems across all industries. With this vision, it has been working to improve businesses by providing insights to make smart data-driven decisions. The startup builds innovative concepts and solutions to give an extra edge to businesses, and helps execute effective decision strategies. What is more, it is not limited to a certain industry or technology. Instead, its analytics services cover all kinds of analytical solutions, and almost all latest data tools and technologies. The main differentiating factor is their vision – “while others plan to win the race, this is an infinite game for us.” They are results-driven and their key pillars are anchored around quality, security, and speed.


The unprecedented growth in the data generation has led businesses to make use of data analytics strategies to get business insights from the enterprise data by deploying big data technologies or by outsourcing the data analysis to a third party firm. However, the most critical part of the data analysis is to identify and understand the complex unstructured data residing in the database, which is then followed by organizing of the identified data so as to derive data driven insights. Unfortunately, most of peers in the market who promise to deliver feasible solutions fall flat in practice while ensuring the quality particularly in the banking & finance and pharmaceutical domains owing to regulatory compliances and lack of responsiveness to the external market and environment. This is where Amlgo Labs, an advanced analytics and machine learning consulting company positioned itself in the industry by delivering end-to-end solutions to help businesses derive business insights from the sea of data for informed decision making.

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Until You Understand Your Customers Deeply And Genuinely, You Cannot Truly Serve Them

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We found the right partner to work with. They helped us understand what our data can do for us and exceeded our expectations in implementing a machine learning solution for our sales and marketing team, there is no hesitation in accepting, this was not possible to deliver a quality solution without Amlgo Team

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Getting right talent in data technologies is very difficult task in US specifically in Western United States so we opted for remote culture and we got introduced to Amlgo Labs by one of our old associates. It has been a great journey so far and we always look towards Amlgo team whenever we need data resources, till now we have worked with Cloud- AWS, Azure Engineers, ML Engineers and PowerBI and Tableau experts of their team. They are very professional and result oriented.

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We involved with Amlgo Labs in early 2018 on a joint project on developing a data solution that covers different aspects from data engineering, data analytics and data visualization. It was looking a very complex project because of a bigger scope and wider stakeholders. But I must admit the kind of deliveries we received from Amlgo Team is beyond our imagination and even before time. Now we are doing multiple projects with them and they are a highly talented team with deep knowledge in latest data technologies

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Amlgo team helped us when we were struggling to develop a solution to manage our data at a centralized data lake in cloud and to deliver insights, predictions on daily basis regarding certain alarming points, they not only developed the end to end solution in cloud but also deployed the models so that we get the inferences on the real time basis, hats off to the team. Post that we have done several projects together and it is always an honor to work with them, highly impressed.

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We have worked previously with Amlgo founders and know their level. They helped us in building few machine learning models to get some out of box insights, the best part was they were always honest about current data science tools and technology capabilities. We wish them a great success ahead

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