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Working @ Amlgo Labs

At Amlgo Labs, we build the future with Data Analytics. Based in Delaware, USA and with two delivery centers in Bangalore and Gurugram, we are equipped to solve Analytics’ most complex challenges. We have teams of Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and more from varied life experiences. What brings us together are our ideas, a shared passion to win, and the willingness to go beyond what’s familiar. If shaping this journey excites you, join us.

Feel free to drop a mail if you would like to explore opportunities to join us: [email protected]

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Our Culture

Shaping the future with Analytics is a complex problem and we often land into ones that haven’t been solved yet. There’s never a boring day at Amlgo Labs as we aim to make Data Science solutions hassle-free for everyone.

  • KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward): We believe most of the problems can be solved by keeping things simple and straight. This is the learning we had in past, sometimes we try to solve technical problems using high end algorithms and complex codes but this results into complications. Hence, we avoid complications to make things happen in a simple way.
  • Speaking the Unspeakable: We love honesty and that’s the reason we are very clear in our communications. We help our clients by telling upfront what is achievable and what’s not. Even if there might be huge potential if we don’t communicate and drag the outcomes but we don’t. This helps us in building a long term bond and relationship with everyone not only our customers.

From Data Science to Visualizations, we’re working with talented experts and top management in the field. This drives cross-team collaborations and helps us learn from the best.

  • Employee First, Customer Second: Many of you reading this might be our potential customers and may have a different opinion, But for us our employees are our strength and our trust to each other is our infinite power which always helps us to solve complex solutions with ease and win hearts of our customers.
  •  Responsibility: Another basics of our approach is responsibility, we work closely with our customers’ secure data, tight deadlines and they trust us for our outcomes. So our people have the courage to take that responsibility and building on that so that our customers can win.
  • Infinity: Nothing is permanent in this world so as we but our vision towards looking at things in not small we see with lenses of infinity where good work keeps going and results keep coming and we strongly believe this is an infinite game and we are here not to win but to play long like infinity.

Our Hiring Procedure involves few technical rounds and then a HR round. Our team consists of people from different fields, backgrounds and qualification who bring different perspectives. That sparks meaningful discussion and fuels us to serve Analytics better.

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Hear From Our Team

  • The team at Amlgo Labs is made up of exceptionally brilliant and committed people, and the business culture emphasizes cooperation, ongoing learning, and growth. I feel that my efforts are acknowledged and have a genuine impact on the tough and varied projects I work on. Additionally, the organization offers a generous benefits package, chances for professional growth, and a favorable work-life balance.

    Client Image
    • Tulrose Deori
    • Data Scientist
  • Amlgo Labs is a dream organization to work with. The company's leadership is open to new ideas and feedback to implement new systems. Employees are appreciated and recognized for their dedication and hard work. It is a growing company, that is exploring all growth opportunities for the organization as well as it’s employees. You always get to work on new tools and technology and there are a number of learning opportunities as well as new challenges every day.

    Client Image
    • Karam Yadav
    • Senior Consultant
  • Right from the time I was reached out by the talent team to interviews and joining, my experience has been seamless. The whole process has been transparent and has been dealt with utmost proficiency and professionalism. It has been a great experience so far for me and I look forward to continued growth with Amlgo Labs.

    Client Image
    • Roushan Kumar
    • RPA Manager
  • At Amlgo Labs, I got the opportunity to work with experienced team members and leaders which helped me to build my skill set. Their guidance and encouragement always motivates me to accomplish more. Here we have a very inspirational and friendly work culture.

    Client Image
    • Jyotika Yadav
    • Senior HR Executive
  • Amlgo Labs provides me with a great environment and opportunities to perform and grow. Seniors are helpful and welcoming at every step. I am free to express my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and they are well received.

    Client Image
    • Raghav Kaushik
    • Data Scientist
  • It was an amazing experience in the tough times of Covid when I onboarded with Amlgo Labs virtually. It was smooth. The higher management is also awesome where they interacted with you and provided you with opportunities to grow. Recommended to every professional who wants to scale horizontally and vertically. Cheers and kudos.

    Client Image
    • Rohit Kainth
    • Technical Consultant
  • I joined Amlgo Labs as a front-end developer. The pandemic was going on that time and my onboarding was completely remote, yet it was quite smooth, and I was quickly assigned a client project. After working here I am quite content and have ample opportunities to learn and grow. My colleagues here are quite helpful, whether it is a technical, HR related or management query they are always eager to help us.

    Client Image
    • Surabhi Bhattar
    • Full Stack Developer
  • Working at Amlgo Labs is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the team was always pushing each other to do better. The team is very flexible and responsive. Here we cherish an environment where everyone’s thoughts matter, and I was never afraid to ask questions or for help when needed. Amlgo Labs provided a great working environment and I am grateful for all the opportunities I was given.

    Client Image
    • Deepika Dwivedi
    • Senior Data Analyst
  • Time flies when you work with Amlgo Labs where work-life balance is at the best. Value-driven work culture, your team is your other family, your leader is a good friend and you are self-driven, not pushed. I am overwhelmed by the plethora of learning in a short span of time. Thank you for my inspiring leaders and wonderful colleagues.

    Client Image
    • Vikas Kumar
    • Delivery Head - Technology
  • As a data scientist at Amlgo Labs, I have been extremely impressed by the level of expertise and dedication of my colleagues. The company culture is one of continuous learning and innovation, and I feel fortunate to be a part of such a talented and driven team. The projects I have worked on so far have been challenging and rewarding, and I have had the opportunity to learn and grow as a data scientist.

    Client Image
    • Nilesh Verma
    • Data Scientist