Reports & Dashboards for Sales Enablement Process


The main objectives of this marketing project were to:

  1. Visualize sales data to identify trends and patterns.
  2. Identifying opportunities for growth.
  3. Present the findings in a clear and concise manner to the marketing team.


To achieve these objectives, the following steps were taken:

  1. The sales data for the past three years were extracted from the company’s database and imported into Tableau.
  2. Dashboards were created in Tableau to visualize the sales data in various ways, such as sales over time, monthly sales by product, and profit and loss by category.
  3. Filters were applied to the dashboards to allow the marketing team to drill down into the data and explore different aspects of the sales data.
  4. The findings were presented to the marketing team in the form of Tableau dashboards and accompanying analyses.


The Tableau dashboards and analyses provided the following insights into the sales data:

  1. Sales had been steadily increasing over the past three years, with the exception of a dip in the middle of year 2. This dip was likely due to a temporary decrease in demand for the company’s products, which could have been caused by a variety of factors such as an economic downturn or increased competition.
  2. The top-selling products were consistently in the same categories (e.g. dresses, jeans, and t-shirts), but there were some fluctuations in the specific products within those categories. For example, certain dresses or jeans were more in trend for certain months or years.
  3. The most profitable categories were consistently the same (e.g. outerwear and accessories), but there were some changes in the profitability of specific products within those categories. This could be due to changes in the cost of materials or other factors that has affected the price of the products.

Few sample screenshots of the application are shown below






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